Originally, Bhavya was doing makeup for my wife. She noticed that I could use some makeup too, since I had dark circles! I must say, being a guy, who doesn't believe in all this - even a little - I was very impressed by the result. 

My dark circles weren't visible and no one could make out that I had makeup on! I stood through a 5 hour function and looked absolutely fresh even through the last minute!

I absolutely love Bhavya's work and will always hire her in the future for myself and all my relatives and highly recommend her to all my known ones! 

- Shubhankar.

When it comes to Makeup, it is all about passion and involvement in the magic you do. One such example is Bhavya. I did the right thing by trusting her without looking at myself even once in the mirror at the time of makeup. Thank you so much for the subtle art you did which made me look perfect on my special occasion. She is amazing. Keep up with the brilliant work. Way to go.

- Aditi

During my daughters wedding we had Bhavya over for the mehndi function and the main wedding day to do the makeup for me and my sister in laws.
Bhavya is an absolute professional who knows the little nuances of her work . She does the makeup exactly based on the skin texture and the occasion of the day. She did a fabulous makeup for my daughter on the mehndi day and on the next day during both the morning and evening events , made all of us look so beautiful and a beautiful finish . 
Not only that but she made my mother who is 80 look so beautiful too .. very friendly and very professional too at the same time . Would highly recommend her to my other family, friends and known people.


I remember the day I asked you to give me a trial makeup for my birthday. You absolutely nailed it! And that was the day I decided that if anybody's is touching my face and doing my makeup on my wedding day, it's going to be you!
Bhavya gave me and my mom exactly the look that we were expecting! 
I'm personally the kind who likes to look very subtle and simple. Yet, she made sure that I looked absolutely stunning! The same was with my mom! 
Everybody at my wedding was absolutely in love with her work! Her makeup was extremely professional! And omg the makeup lasted until I didn't remove it myself! I loved her work so much that I even ended up learning how to do makeup from her through her online classes!
 It is said that wedding is the most important day in a bride's life. How she looks is what matters the most!
And Bhavya made it happen for me! 

- Preeti